Cultivating Vancouver

Implementing our services in this city makes a significant contribution to feed the growing reality of urban agriculture proactively redefining the agronomic possibilities of a metropolis. The city is actually looking for a better understanding of urban farming as they rethink zoning restrictions and create licensing that recognize urban agriculture as a business. In a society so heavily reliant on industrialized agriculture to nourish us, Vancouver is a great city to cultivate change especially considering the area has the best climate for producing food in Canada. 

Urban farming for change

We are dedicated to making Vancouver a flourishing green city and creating thriving gathering spaces for learning, sharing and connecting within businesses located in Canada's third largest metropolitan area.

Growing urban farming as a vibrant sector

Engagement and wellbeing

Increase satisfaction and engagement by catering to human health and wellness, and engaging with people with a unique source of connection.


Raise awareness about environmental issues with your urban farm that can also help score points for certain sustainability certifications.


Leverage your harvest to spread a bit of positivity amongst your network and community, while enhancing the visibility of your innovative initiative.

Your turnkey urban farming service

Urban farm installation, maintenance and harvest

MicroHabitat’s urban farming service includes the installation and care of an urban farm at your building, and all required certifications, accreditations, and insurances.

Team-building conferences and activities

Every urban farming project includes educational workshops. These hour-long hands-on activities or inspiring conferences engage and connect people with their urban farm, whether in-person or virtually.

Ultra local veggie harvests

Each urban farm yields 300 lbs to 500 lbs of veggies per season, and can be either distributed throughout your community, or donated to local food banks of your choice through our urban solidarity farms initiative

Growing urban farming as a vibrant sector

Integrating urban farming into your building is a sustainable and meaningful initiative that helps improve your organization's environmental footprint.